Collection: teal to heal

I made a promise to my Mom. As she was facing the end of her brave battle with ovarian cancer, I promised her that I would fight this terrible disease with passion, tenacity and love that would make her proud. I hope that through the commitment of my business I can help fight the disease that took her far too soon.

Since Suzan’s death in 2014, I have tried to fulfill that promise by working closely with organizations that support ovarian cancer research and efforts to advance early detection and improve the outcomes of those stricken with the disease.

 Organizations such as the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance have provided a forum for me and thousands of other volunteers to raise awareness and contribute to finding a cure.

 The color teal represents the battle against ovarian cancer. I have created a collection of jewelry incorporating teal tones that can be worn by those joining the fight against this horrible disease. 50% of every online purchase from our "teal to heal" collection will be donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance.

In solidarity with the ovarian cancer community, we pledge to increase our efforts to raise funding and bring awareness to ovarian cancer into focus. We are so proud to support the battle against this terrible disease and fulfill my promise.

 xoxo, marlyn


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